Diablo Torch


Diablo Torch is an injected dll mod which adds lot’s of new features to Diablo’s UI and Interface.To enable Diablo Torch, simply run Inject.bat while the game is running.



Full list of features:

° Monster life is shown while the cursor is over a monster.
° Current time is put at the top of the screen.
° Player experience bar shown right above potion belt.
° Power level is shown in the top right if it’s less than 100%.
° Item values are shown when the mouse is over an item in the inventory.
° Items that are dropped on the ground automatically get their name placed above them for 2 seconds.
° Holding 'Alt' will show all items on the ground by putting names above them.
° Full shrine list available in-game.
° In-game stash that can hold up to 1024 items.
° Most features can be disabled in-game.
° Taskbar at the bottom of the screen keeps separate windows tidy.
° Tilde (~) key hides taskbar.


Below are some screenshots of Diablo Torch in action:


(Note: click to enlarge)





° If you want to use Diablo Torch online, it’s necessary to run Inject.bat after you’ve logged into Battle.net.

° At times it can be necessary to run Inject.bat more than just once to enable it properly.

° Diablo Torch was created for Diablo 1.09, therefore it’s only compatible with this version.
° On Windows Vista and higher, I might be necessary to run Inject.bat with administrator privileges.

Diablo Torch download

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