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In late 2008, Duriel and Shade from Germany, came up with the idea to create an information site for the -in their opinion- greatest and most important milestone of videogame history, "Diablo". Their basic motivation for this step was based on the sad fact, that during the last couple of years more and more websites, which hosted valuable and rare knowledge about their favourite game, went lost in the vastness of the unforgiving Internet-Nirvana. They intended to stop this unfortunate trend with their own website, which should preserve all relevant information in a neatly arranged setting.

Around the same time, Emelaldo from Japan , FireIceTalon from the U.S. and Shade met regularly on Battle.net, to share their vast experience in PVP as well as PVM play. Their incentive was to learn from each other and to enjoy the company of likeminded fans of Blizzard’s finest classic. This multinational exchange developed a true trend, which encouraged players from all around the globe to look for new contacts and friendships beyond their local channels, realms and communities. The first international Diablo community was born!

As a matter of fact, it was the first time in many years, that a strong increase of activity was taking place on Diablo’s dusted Battle.net. Believe it or not, the channels were once again well-frequented and it was easily possible to find people to play with the entire day and night. It was not long, until Emelaldo and FireIceTalon made the proposal to benefit of this revival, and try to organize an international PVP tournament. Shade was very enthusiastic about this idea, and offered them to use the recently created FreshMeat website as a platform for this ambitious project. This international PVP tournament should be remembered as the first "Call To Arms". All participants still speak in awe of this incredibly exciting and entertaining happening. Due to the overreaching success of "Call To Arms", it was a logical consequence to let further events follow.

"Stairway To Hell", the first international IronMan tournament was at least as exciting as the previous PVP tournament. In particular, this event once again decreased the distances between most remaining local communities significantly. True friendships emerged and the spirit of friendly and respectful competition was fully ignited.

The aforementioned trend lasted for about two full years. Four major tournaments and countless Battle.net games have been played during that time, until the number of players once again started to decline substantially. This sadly marked the end of the -very likely- last big gasp of the Diablo community. Today the FreshMeat website serves mostly its intentional basic idea, the receipt of relevant information about the milestone Diablo. 

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