PVP Compendium


° This compilation doesn't claim to be complete or perfect. There are numerous ways to equip each class in Diablo and be successful. We just try to give a very slim and basic overview on the most common and established builds (and their respective counter-builds). The focus is set mainly on practical usage and good clarity, thereby theory and formula consideration is reduced to a minimum level.
° All builds and suggestions the authors of this compendium state, apply exclusively to 'Western PvP' rules. These are basically as follows:
'8 potions each duel, player attack is set to active, no equipment change during battle, all spells as well as (legit) multiplayer items are allowed to be used, opponents know each others setups'
° All these builds assume that all characters are c.lvl 50 with maxed out attributes.
° All these builds are based on perfect gear.
° The authors occasionally refer to some basic PvP techniques. Not going into detail on this subject matter is fully intentional, as it simply would go widely beyond the scope of this compilation to elaborate each and every technique properly. A serious techniques and moves guide will most certainly be released in the future.
In consideration of all relevant aspects, Diablo's PvP system is very well-conceived by Blizzard. The game undeniably suffers of quite a few technical flaws (e.g. netcode & latency issues), but nevertheless it's straight to the point in terms of class balance and complexity.
The following illustration displays the common balance* among the three classes, by showing which class has a natural advantage over another:
Sorcerer > Warrior  |  Warrior > Bow Rogue | Bow Rogue > Sorcerer

*Please take note, that uncommon builds, strategies, or styles of playing can alter this balance significantly.

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