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LA2H Tournament - The Pandemoniom Trial - Completed
Shade on 11.11.2019 um 14:06 (UTC)
 The second edition of “The Pandemonium Trial” Low-AC-2H tournament was completed yesterday.

This is the final Ranking:

#1 Shade - 11min 38sec
#2 Xero - 12min 42sec
#3 Aga - 12min 48sec
#4 Berserker - 14min
#5 Warhawk - 15min 18sec
#6 Constantine - 26min 51sec
#7 D1Legit - n/a

It was a true pleasure to participate for a second time. I want to thank the organizers Aga and Xero for keeping Diablo alive with such events. I hope that we will see many more editions, and maybe even other variants of competitive PVM in the future.

#1 Video:

You can find a compilation of all the event recordings on the respective event website:

Diablo fully playable in webbrowser
Shade on 01.08.2019 um 20:01 (UTC)
 Rivsoft has ported the 1996 classic Diablo to its website, which allows you to play it in your webbrowser. As of now, only Singleplayer mode is available. The Diablo.mpq file is required to play the full version. Without it, only the Shareware version is playable.

Rivsoft says that the port has been created using “reconstructed” source code from the original game, from two teams, “GalaXyHaXz” and “Devilution” team.

You can access the game on this website:

FreshMeat - 10th Anniversary
Shade on 20.03.2019 um 23:07 (UTC)
 On March 21st 2009 the first ‘Call To Arms’ PVP tournament started. This date marks the beginning of our community efforts. If somebody would have told me back then, that this site would last for a decade I certainly wouldn’t have believed it. Initially we created it to give this one tournament a platform and share one or another guide for Diablo. It's almost a bit surreal to still have it up and running.

I am grateful for all the good memories, friendships and contacts that emerged along the way of hosting and maintaining this site, and the related community events and platforms. I hope that there still will be some interest in the milestone Diablo for another decade. The recent GOG re-release makes me feel optimistic.

I sincerely want to thank the following people who helped, inspired or in another way contributed to this website:
Duriel, Emelaldo, FireIceTalon, Th0mas, Esau, Hariel, Tiron, WildViking, Gore, Maggot, Petre, Rudra, Royal, eiskalt-ger, Blue Scorpio, Xero, Zakuro

FreshMeat Forums - reactivated
Thomas on 11.03.2019 um 21:19 (UTC)
 Since is unfortunately gone and the recent GOG Diablo release increased activity significantly, we’ve decided to reactivate the FreshMeat forums. You can find them here:

As soon as we can find the necessary time, we will overwork the design and give the main-site an update too.

Diablo re-released on GOG
Shade on 08.03.2019 um 12:27 (UTC)
 Diablo has risen again. An unexpected re-release on GOG brings back full functionality, as well as modern OS support. Blizzard stopped manufacturing it long ago so finding the game has been difficult/expensive/of dubious legality. Now here it is, up on GOG, in both a “vanilla” version with online multiplayer support and a "remasterded" edition which offers resolution upscaling.

Diablo is available on GOG for 7,89£ - 9,99$ - 8,89€

RIP | 1996 – 2018
Shade on 12.04.2018 um 10:38 (UTC)
 It appears that support for Diablo has ultimately expired. For about a week now, it’s not possible anymore to host or join games. This issue is present on all four Gateways. I personally don’t believe that we will ever see a fix for this, since it was stated by Blizzard a couple of years ago, that Diablo will have support as long as it works. Arising issues however won’t be fixed anymore.

Even if these are sad news; I wish to thank Blizzard for maintaining the online support for this great classic for 22 years. This unquestionably is a true milestone in gaming history.


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