TOS 3




  • A friendly and honourable tone among all participants is mandatory! Smack talk, infamies, inflammatory language and any other forms of harassment are strictly forbidden. This applies to in-game as well as forum conversation.
  • No cheats! No hacks! No inventory drinking! No Lies! No third party programs! (except recording-,scanning- and VPN- software)
  • No wilful lag and/or bug abuse! In particular:
    • 'Shadow-Casting', 'Weapon-Swap Attack', 'Armor/Shield/Weapon-Reequip Lag', 'Firewall-Overflow', 'Double-Arrow Bug', 'Nova S.lvl20 Bug’, 'Flash + Elemental Damage Instant-Kill’ 
  • During battle, 'Player Attack' has to be enabled all the time.
  • Equipment change during battle is strictly forbidden.
  • Duels take place on level 1-4 (arena with 4 columns, no stairs) or on level 16 (square in the northeast). Players need to compromise regarding where their encounter takes place.
    • In case two participants shouldn't be able to come to terms, the affected players can reach a definite conclusion by tossing a virtual coin (Bot Commands: flip / toss).
  • Each player is allowed to use a full belt (8 Potions) per round.
  • Every single round starts after 'Guardian'. Prior to this, both players have to declare that they are ready.
  • Prior to every single round, it's mandatory to inform your opponent(s) about what exact item-setup you are on.
  • It is forbidden to use the 'Staff Recharge' skill during battle.
  • It is forbidden to leave the defined arena wilfully during battle.
  • After each duel, both players have to report the result into the 'TOS3 - Tournament Forum'. Furthermore, both players have to upload their complete set of recordings to the official 'TournamentRecordings Channel' .
    • Alternatively, it is granted to upload the recordings to a private ‘Youtube’ channel or to a desired file-host. In this case, please submit all files/videos to the ‘TOS3 - Tournament Forum’.
  • Alternative connection methods, such as 'Hamachi', 'GameRanger', 'OpenVPN', 'Tungle' and 'Kali' are permitted. However, both players have to agree with each other about this issue. In case it isn't possible to achieve a compromise, 'Blizzard's' is the prescribed connection method.
  • It is forbidden to remain in diagonal-walk for more than 90% of a duels round time. Rounds which were won by remaining in diagonal-walk for such a long time have to be re-played!



  • When facing a Warrior, Sorcerers aren't allowed to use item-setups which combine a fast block shield and (any) hit recovery items. This is due to a nasty latency hitch, which allows Sorcerers to cast through the Warriors stun-lock. We consider this an unfair advantage over the Warrior class.
  • To ensure a fair balance for all three character classes, 'triple hit recovery' (harmony+stability+balance) item-setups are forbidden.
  • In Bow-Rogue vs. Bow-Rogue encounters, all ‘Swiftness’ as well as ‘Elemental Damage’ bows are prohibited. Extensive tests have shown, that with these restrictions in place the regarding encounter grows in quality and excitement.



  • In the preliminary-round each duel consists of 4 single rounds
    • The winner receives 3 points
    • The loser receives 0 points
    • If there is a draw, both players receive 1 point
  • In the final tournament, each duel consists of 5 single rounds.
    • The winner is the player who won most out of these 5 rounds.    
      • Note: If it comes to the improbable case of a Double-KO, the affected round counts as a won round for both participants. If one or more D-KO’s lead to a draw result, both players have to play an additional decision-round to determine the winner.



  • Resurrect your opponent(s) after every won.
  • In melee combat situations, it's in both players interest to swing back- and/or side-wards form time to time, to ensure a non-static combat flow.




  • Every participant is obliged to record each and every single rated (warm up and/or practice fights aren't affected) round he's playing in the tournament. These recordings need to be uploaded to the 'TournamentRecordings Channel' within maximally 10 days after the encounter has taken place. Furthermore, every participant is exhorted to ensure, that the necessary software* fully work on his system.
    • *You can find the required tools ('HyperCam2' and a small converting application 'Any Video Converter') in the downloads section. In case you should experience problems with 'Hypercam2' or one of the related tools, please don't hesitate to ask for help.






In case a participant is wilfully contravening against one ore more of these listed rules, the organizers reserve their right to disqualify the concerning person and exclude him/her from all further events!


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