Town Portal Block


Town portals can be placed in front of the stairs to new levels which will block a character from using them. When the player goes to click on the stairs, the cursor will instead land on the TP:

It is hard to describe the right tile (there are two), but playing around just a bit should allow you to find it with ease. If you are having trouble getting it right every time, a well placed pile of gold can help.

A TP can be placed like this to block the stairs on any level, chruch through hell, even to block 15. Simply play around a bit to find the right tiles for each area, church, catacombs, caves and hell. A TP can be placed over the seal on level 15 if cast on the tile at the very bottom of the seal. It should cover up the middle of the seal.


There is a special tile you will walk to when clicking on the stairs that will load the next level. In order to pass a TP block in hell, you will need to stand on that "hotspot" without needing to click on the stairs. To do this, look to the screenshot to the left. The arrow is the path you will want your character to walk. This path leads directly over the hotspot (the one halfway hidden by the TP at the tip of the transparent spike). When you walk onto that tile, hold shift+attack. This will stop your character from walking and he will do a melee attack (or fire an arrow). As soon as the attack is finished, you will start to load the next level!

Getting past a TP block in areas other than hell is a bit different.
Once the TP is created, it is not possible to get down because you can not walk to the hotspot. So how do you get down after making the block? You don't. While standing on a hotspot, you will not go down to the next level if you are currently walking, attacking, or casting spells... The trick to setting up a TP block and also getting down to the next level relys on that fact.

1. Click on the stairs down with your town portal spell ready.
2. Just as you walk onto the hotspot, cast town portal on the tile that will result in a TP block (see screenshot).
3. If done correctly, after casting you will go down a level, and the TP will remain behind you blocking the stairs.

It can be difficult to get the right spot in these cases since you are walking. Dropping a pile of gold as a target is even more helpful than before. It's quite easy to highlight the gold as you are walking. Simply casting town portal on that gold will make sure the TP gets created on the right tile.





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