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One of the major flaws of Diablo is unquestionably the extreme rarity of certain items. This always made it very time demanding to get into endgame PVP. Therefore -after many years of discussion- we’ve finally decided to release a common set of PVP items and characters. We hope to enthuse new players with this step, and thereby increase the total activity in the PVP community.

You can find a large collection of builds and counter builds in our ‘PVP-Compendium’ section.



Source: diablodupes.ini




The items are provided in two formats: (.itm), which can be imported into the game with B.S. DiabloSaver, and in (.tsf), which is the DiabloTorch stash file format.


Source: Trainer Made




The characters are also provided in two formats: Basic Diablo save files (.sv), which simply need to be placed in your Diablo folder, and in (.cha) format, which can be loaded with B.S. DiabloSaver.


I’m careful to point out, that the regarding items and characters are intended for PVP purposes only! All items and characters are marked in a way, that any scanning application will be able to easily identify them. Be aware, that the majority of the community will react with condemnation and hostility, if you are ever caught using the provided characters and items in PVM, co-op or on the monthly Leaderboards competition.


The screenshot below shows a PVP-character examined via DiabloGuard:

(Note: click to enlarge)







We strongly disapprove any sort of abuse that might be committed with the provided gear and characters. We did our best to mark the in-game content distinctively.
Characters are set to 666 experience, items are noted on the duepeslist.ini and will show up with quantity ID 101.


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