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In first, "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver" is a scanning tool, very similar to "Diablo Guard" or "Diablo Saver". It is able to show illegal items, dupes and/or other abnormalities. The only major weakness of its scanning abilities is the non-existing support of the “Diablo Dupeslist”. Therefore it's unfortunately not possible to detect common-dupes with it.
Second, "Blue Scorpio's Diablo Saver" allows you to easily backup and load your characters to/from your harddrive. Furthermore it is possible to individually export single items to your harddrive and vice versa import them back to your characters. Consequently this little program is the perfect tool to create backups of your characters, and to create an easily manageable item-pool. A big advantage over other programs which offer these kinds of features is, that “Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver” is not capable of saving/exporting external characters. Only your own characters can be stored, only your own items can be exported!


The program is quite simple and even if you don't understand the German language, it should be easy to manage all its functions. Everything is controlled via the main window, whose functions I now want to explain:

° This feature allows you to backup your character to your harddrive. Tab out of your current game, click “speichern/save” select your character name in the central window and then select a folder and a filename for your backup. "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver" uses “.chr files” to backup your characters.

° This feature allows you to load “.chr files”. Take notice, that this is a very sensitive function and you should always be very careful while loading such a backup. It will only work if your character name matches exactly the name of the backuped character.
For example, if I should try to load a “Shade_II” backup while I’m ingame with “Shade_I”, my game will instantly crash and with some misfortune my character takes permanent damage and will be corrupted. In addition, you have to make sure that your mouse cursor is not having anything (items, potions etc.) attached to it while you load a backup. This will entail a game crash as well!

° Once you selected this feature your current equipment (Head, R.Ring, L.Ring, Amulet, R.Hand, L.Hand, Armor) your inventory (Inv.01 - Inv.40) your belt (belt1 - belt8) and a few other details of your character will get displayed in a new window. You can now export or import items to/from your harddrive!
To export an item, simply click on it and select “speichern/save” at the bottom of the central window. Now, all you have to do is to put a name before the “.itm ending” (for example “Royal Circlet.itm”) and finally just allocate a place where you want to store it.
To load an item all you have to do, is to click on an empty slot of you inventory or of your equipment, then click “laden/load” and select one of your priorly exported items. To finalize the process, it's now necessary to hit “OK” in the lower left corner of the current window. This will update your character data in-game.
Now, if you tab back into Diablo, you should find the loaded item at the place where you have loaded it to. I have to point out, that most of the time it is necessary to adjust the position of your loaded item(s) manually in-game, because "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver" treats every item like it would only need one square of your inventory.

° This is simply the scanning function of "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver". As said before, this is the only feature which will work even with more than just one player in the current game. I should point out that the so-called “Great-Eye” function is, contrary to “Diablo Guard” or “Diablo Saver”, always activated in "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver". Consequently you are able to check the current equipment, inventory and belt of your fellow players all the time. To avoid misunderstandings I should also mention, that the "Great Eye" feature is flawed when it comes to display the belt content. The belt content is stored once for each player when entering the game and it will only change again until a rejoin takes place. This by the way also applies to the “Great Eye” function of "Diablo Guard" and "Diablo Saver"!




° The export, import and backup functions of "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver" only work if you are alone in a game. As soon as more players join, these functions get locked. Only scanning is possible all the time!

° "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver" works best if you run it directly via its ".exe" application. If you should try to run the program through a shortcut, unforeseeable errors may occur!

° Users with a 64 bit based operating system need to run "Blue Scorpio’s Diablo Saver with administrator privileges. Otherwise the backup and scanning functions may not work properly.

Blue Scorpio's Diablo Saver download


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