Hypercam2 is a small and easy recording tool. It allows you to record your gameplay as well as everything else on your screen. Its main advantage, compared to similar programs, is it's very modest system requirements and a great support for all classic 2D Games.



° At its first start, HyperCam2 will recommend you to purchase a license. You can skip this advice -with clicking “OK”- because HyperCam2 is thankfully offering all its features in the freeware version. The only noticeable restriction is a small “Unregistered HyperCam2” mark which gets added in the upper left corner of every video you take.


° You should  now see the HyperCam2 main-window. It contains the following tabs: “Screen Area”, ”Hot Keys”, “AVI File”, Sound”, “Other Options” and “License”.


° Screen Area - If you like to record your Diablo gameplay, you have to align the screen area to the Diablo resolution, which is at a size of "640 x 480" pixels. Additionally, you have to make sure that the function “leave HyperCam window opened” is enabled. Otherwise Hypercam2 tends to tab to desktop randomly, which is very annoying.


° Hot Keys - I recommend to leave everything as it is. Start and stop recording with the "F2-Key". Please take note, that if you stop the recording process the current game window will minimize!


° AVI File - Make sure to set the “rate of Frames per Second” to a value of 25 till 30 FPS. This way, a smooth and judder-free recording is guaranteed. Up next, you have to assign the directory in which HyperCam2 is saving your recorded files. I recommend choosing a hard drive with at least a 5 to 10 gigabytes of free memory. AVI -files unfortunately tend to demand plenty of disk space. Optionally you have the option to rename the files you create, but its best if you use the default settings. This way you can ensure HyperCam2 isn’t overwriting previously saved recordings.


°Sound - It’s your choice if you prefer to record sound. I'm careful to point out, that the file size of your recordings will increase substantially if you record sound.





° Users with a 64 bit based operating system need to run Hypercam2 with administrator privileges. Otherwise it won't record at all!

° Due to a nasty bug, the current video file you record tends to get corrupted in its colour rendering as soon as Diablo displays a loading screen. Consequently avoid everything that leads to a loading screen while you are recording. For example; changing the current dungeon level, using a Townportal, starting a new game etc.

HyperCam2 download


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