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Trial of Strength II - application online
Shade on 13.11.2013 um 19:22 (UTC)
 I'm glad to announce our annual PVP tournament to start on the 29th of November 2013. Applications are possible from today onwards, though due to the small frame of this tournament, it's very likely that the starting field will be completed in short. Consequently it's very advisable to register as soon as possible. You can find the application box in the 'Trial of Strength II' section of our website. For further details concerning our requirements and regulations, please refer to the 'Trial of Strength II' Rules section.

I wish to point out, that in this 'Trial of Strength' event a common set of PVP items and/or premade lvl 50 characters aren't permitted anymore. We're back to the good old 'legit only regulations', which are favored by most of our long time participants.

PVP Compendium - released
Thomas on 24.02.2013 um 18:27 (UTC)
 Since nowadays most active players are relatively new to Diablo PVP, we've decided to create a PVP Compendium for everyone who's interested in this subject matter. So far, we got pretty much all the relevant PVP builds (and their respective counter-builds) listed. The next thing to come is a detailed description and analysis of all known PVP techniques, moves and strategies.

I wish to thank FireIceTalon & Shade for providing the necessary knowledge to create this compilation. It's always a pleasure to work with you guys. back online!
Thomas on 17.12.2012 um 09:50 (UTC)
 The magnificent Diablo-Character-Database "" is finally back online. Checkout for further details.

Shade on 20.09.2012 um 16:24 (UTC)
 I figured it couldn't hurt to inform our readers about the latest happenings in our little community.

Most of you may already have noticed, that our beloved character database "" is currently offline. According to the fine people who created this magnificent website, this thankfully is only a temporary problem. Obviously the main server departed due to a hardware failure. Luckily no data has been lost. Hopefully we'll see "" back online soon.

Up next, I want to beat the drum for a very well made Diablo fan video. It nicely demonstrates several interesting strategies and hints. Definitely worth a watch. Even deep-rooted veterans may can learn one or another thing.

Last but not least, I wish to congratulate Thomas for taking the win in our last PVP tournament "Trial Of Strength". Well done mate!
The final can, as usual, be watched on our Tournament-Recordings channel:

Trial of Strength - starts today
Thomas on 10.04.2012 um 12:59 (UTC)
 Since the encounter constellations were already leaked yesterday (thanks Phil; ya stinkin snitch!), I've decided to let the 'Trial Of Strength' tournament start right away. For our new participants let me underline, that it's mandatory to join our forum. All duel results have to be stated there, plus the login details for our 'TournamentRecordings' channel will be given out via private message. In case you should come up with further questions, or experience problems with one of the related programs, don't hesitate to ask for help. Everything related to this event goes into the 'Trial Of Strength' topic, which is located in our PVP forum section.

At any rate, I'm convinced that we're going to see another exciting tournament, since the line-up once gain is studded with the best PVP players in the world.
I wish each and every participants good luck and above all lots of fun. May the best player take the win!

Trial of Strength - application online
Thomas on 21.03.2012 um 16:03 (UTC)
 I'm pleased to announce our next PVP tournament 'Trial Of Strength' to start on April 15th. This event is a premier, since we permit all participants to use a premade level fifty character plus a common item set.
We believe that this approach is a great way to make Diablo's brilliant PVP content available to casual, retired as well as entirely new players. Moreover, we finally ensure that skill and experience are the only determining factors in each duel.
The official application is online from today on. You can find the respective application box in the 'Trial Of Strength' section of our website.

For further information concerning our requirements and regulations please refer to the 'Trial Of Strength - Rules' section

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