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New PVP Tournament - April 2012
Thomas on 14.03.2012 um 10:12 (UTC)
 Good news for all PVP fans out there. We're currently working out the final details for a new PVP tournament, which will in all probability start in about four weeks! Compared to 'Call To Arms', the scale of this event will be considerably smaller. Currently we favour a starting field of maximally sixteen players, which will compete in a continuous KO system. I'd like to point out, that this is going to be some sort of test tournament, as we intend to implement a different set of rules. Further details will be stated in short.

Diablo Armory - new domain
Shade on 14.03.2012 um 06:31 (UTC)
 The magnificent Tristram website moved to a new web domain. It's now accessible via:
For those of you who haven't heard about the Tristram project yet; it's basically a character database for Diablo. On the whole very comparable to what Blizzard offers for World of Warcraft with the popular Armory.
It's run and created by Gore and Maggot, two very ambitious and dedicated Diablo veterans from Finland.

I recommend every Diablo fan to check it out, as it's amazingly well done.

Diablodupes.ini - update
Thomas on 19.01.2012 um 17:49 (UTC)
 I got recently informed by a fellow Diablo player from Poland, that our diablodupes.ini is missing a large number of entries. These entries are part of a common Polish dupeslist, which was last updated in early 2011. I've taken the liberty to add the missing entries to our dupeslist today.

This is a very extensive updated. It contains several thousand new items!
A few of them will most certainly be on the list multiple times by now, but as far as I can tell this shouldn't be a biggie.

UDP for Diablo 1.09 & Hellfire 1.01
Shade on 29.12.2011 um 04:01 (UTC)
 Finally, there is a simple and effective solution for this misery. Belix was so kind to share a small storm.dll modification on the Lurker Lounge forum. This modification implements UDP networking functionality into Diablo. UDP is a fast and very well supported network protocol. Conclusively, this means that Vista and Win7 users can now play these fine classics over LAN, without being forced to use third-party applications.

You can find the necessary files, including installing instructions, in our downloads section

Call To Arms III - completed!
Shade on 27.12.2011 um 17:22 (UTC)
 The grand finale of our PVP tournament "Call To Arms III" was played last night. The two finalist, Thomas from the UK and Shade from Germany, fought out an unrelenting battle to determine who's the best duellists in 2011. The entire set of recordings of this amazing encounter can, as always, be looked up on our "Tournament-Recordings" channel.

I'd like to use this chance to thank all participants for their attendance. It was truly a pleasure to experience the best players in the world competing in an friendly an honourable ambience. With your help, events of this kind will most certainly be held for many more years.

Additionally, I want to thank Thomas for administrating this tournament. You definitely did a fine job mate. Get well soon!

Happy 15th Anniversary Diablo
Thomas on 30.11.2011 um 15:46 (UTC)
 Today the Diablo series celebrates its 15th anniversary. On November 30th 1996, Blizzard North unleashed Diablo I on the world. Yes it has been that long!
A sequel and an expansion later we are now looking forward to the third game in one of the most popular game franchises ever created. Many congratulations to Blizzard, the current development team and also to all the developers from Blizzard North.

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