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Diablodupes.ini Update 09.10.2010
Shade on 09.10.2010 um 10:36 (UTC)
 This very extensive and important update of the dupes-list comes from a corner, from which I personally wouldn’t have expected such a thing. Our Polish friends have kindly taken the effort to add most of their currently used common-dupes to the dupes-list. I believe this is a very positive and useful step, and it clearly indicates that what we call "legit-play" is quite obviously a huge and important factor in the Polish community.
I've added the said entries form the current polish update to our list, par for par.

Check the Downloads -section!

STH II - completed!
Shade on 06.09.2010 um 20:03 (UTC)
 Once again, another outstanding tournament found a spectacular end.
Believe it or not, but the prediction I made last year after the first "Stairway To Hell" tournament -that we will most certainly see a few hell continuations in the sequel event-, actually became true. As a matter of fact, two teams have managed it to advance into the deepest depths of hell. Interestingly, both teams are alive and in good shape as we speak. Unfortunately, they were forced to publicize their attempts before they were able to finalize them, due to the time limitation of this event. However that be, as far as I’m unformed both teams will try their very best to achieve the legendary triple-crown. I’m definitely holding all my fingers and toes crossed for these daredevils! Enough beaten around the bush, it’s now time to annunciate the glorious winners:
The 3'rd goes to the nuttiest team on earth. To be more precise, the Russian elite rodents named “Corpulating Chipmunks” achieved the bronze, with making it all the way to dungeon level 15 on nightmare difficulty.
On the 2'nd place, we have one of the most experienced teams in the starting field. The Belgian/German “Immortal Infernauts”, which are currently located on dungeon level 4 in hell difficulty. With a sensational final score of 58,16737 points, they achieved the silver medal. And the gold medal goes to the Hungarian “Wicked Bonesaw Defenders”. These mad guys truly played day and night in hope of being able to finalize their hell continuation, but in the end they had to submit their run while being located on dungeon level 14. Three last levels to go, but their final score of 88,14761 points is already the absolute top result that was ever achieved in one of our IronMan tournaments. Huge congrats to you, and best of luck on your way to the ultimate victory!

If you should be curious about how the two hell continuations proceed, just check our forum in regular intervals. Another thing you shouldn’t miss is Neyda’s Youtube channel ( Here you can find lots of footage of their winning IronMan run.

STH II - duration extended
Shade on 31.08.2010 um 18:16 (UTC)
 We decided to extend the duration of the current "Stariway To Hell" tournament until next Sunday - 5th of September. We're simply off the opinion, that it would be a real pity if the affected teams wouldn’t be able to finalize their partial very special IronMan sessions, only because of the current time limitations.
It goes without saying, that this is a non recurring exception, so I recommend all affected teams to use the additional time in an appropriate way.
Last but not least, let me take this chance to wish you guys the best of luck on your paths to the triple-crown!

Cave’In IronMan - TripleCrown!
Shade on 20.05.2010 um 21:58 (UTC)
 Without any doubt, this was by far the longest and most painful thing I've ever done in a Hack n' Slay game, so far. Contrary to all expectations, we had the luck, the endurance and the necessary madness to bring it to an satisfying end:
We did the unthinkable and defeated Diablo on all 3 difficulty levels!
As far as I’m informed, this is one of the first -if not the very first- IronMan TripleCrown which was achieved after “Cave’In” regulations (further details can be looked up in the Stairway to Hell section). As you can imagine, I’m of course very proud to be part of this extraordinary team, and I want to take this chance to thank Hariel and Plague for this outstanding and truly nerve-wracking adventure we’ve been through. It was an honor to fight and sometimes also die by your sides. All of this will definitely remain unforgettable for me, and I truly hope that this was not the last IronMan we played together.

If you are interested to experience further details of our adventure, just check the concerning thread in our forum:

STH II - has begun!
Shade on 01.05.2010 um 09:29 (UTC)
 I’m very happy to declare the second “Stairway To Hell” tournament as opened! From today onwards, until the end of August, players from all over the globe will fight their way through Diablo's army of merciless servants.
At this point of time, there are 9 validated teams, out of 9 different nations, with over all 21 players on the line.
Let’s hope, that we'll all have lots of fun beneath the hunted church of Tristram. May the light protect us on our way into the burning depths of hell.

For those of you who still toy with the idea of taking part in this event:
It's of course possible to subscribe during the complete duration of the tournament. So don't hesitate to join us!

CTA II - completed!
Shade on 29.03.2010 um 21:27 (UTC)
 Finally, after more than 5 months, the last duel was played this Saturday. Congratulations and my personal kudos goes to the three top ranked players:
“#1 Wedge (IRL), #2 Thomas (UK) and #3 Nekony (GER)”
I want to thank ALL active participants for the entertaining and exciting time we had! If you are curious about the decisive duels of this tournament, just check the Freshmeat Youtube-Channel. Within the next few weeks, I plan to release a handful of worth seeing duels, including the Final and the Third-Place Play-Off.

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