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CTA'09 - preliminaries completed!
Shade on 08.04.2009 um 10:34 (UTC)
 Finally, after 6 weeks, the tournament goes into its Final-round. I want to take this chance, to thank all participants for the nice and fair gaming experience. Till yet, I’m very satisfied regarding the social intercourse between all of us. I was expecting considerably more conflicts within such an international starting field. It is very positive that I got disappointed in this case. I wish the remaining 8 participants good luck, and may the best player take the win!

To make things a little more interesting, I proudly announce that the champion of this tournament will receive a COMPLETE set of unique items (multiplayer only) as reward! I’m convinced that this is something almost every player will know to cherish.

Diablo & Diablo Hellfire via Hamachi
Shade on 31.03.2009 um 10:59 (UTC)
 Good news for everyone, who also dislikes the massive latency problems we currently have to deal with on Blizzards This may is nothing entirely new, but a small virtual-private-network tool named "Hamachi", which is able to emulate a connection that would exist if two or even more computers were directly connected over a local-area-network (LAN), seems to be a perfect alternative to play at almost lag free conditions. I've played around with Hamachi during the last days quite extensively, and I have to say that I’m really excited about the gaming experience. It feels almost like playing Diablo via. back in the good old days. Maybe even better! I advise everybody who is interested, to give Hamachi a try. I compiled a small tutorial about how to establish a Hamachi connection. Just check the Technical Support –section!

Diablodupes.ini Update 03.02.2009
Shade on 02.02.2009 um 23:02 (UTC)
 After more than 4 years without any noticeable update, I've decided to maintain this significant list form now on by myself.
It was always disturbing me massively, that it is (was) easily possible to download clean and legit Diablo items all over the internet. So I made it to my assignment, to add ALL of these downloadable dupes to the "diablodupes.ini". In the beginning, I assumed that I have to deal with maximally a few hundred items; but damn! ... I was completely wrong with that estimation. After all, I had to hand check over 10.000+ single items. For gods sake, most of them were already included on the list, or are hacked items, so “Diabloguard & DiabloSaver” ain't having difficulties to identify them as non legit. But around 1800 of them were not mentioned on the dupes-list. After hours of work, I was finally able to change that!
With over 1780 new entries, this is by far the most profound update this list has received so far! To make it easily replicable what I have added, I mentioned the source website and the exact filename above every new entry.

Check the Downloads -section!

CTA'09 - what a rush ….
Shade on 29.01.2009 um 07:34 (UTC)
 If you believe it or not, but after being online for less than 24 hours, we already achieved the initial limit of 16 participants above and beyond.
Therefore we spontaneously decided to raise the maximum limit of participants to an amount of 20. This way at least a small part of all unexpected additional applicants can join this extraordinary event.
To all of you who haven’t been lucky enough to be on the participants-list this time; please don’t take it all too serious. I’m very optimistic that similar events will take place in the nearby future. But let’s take one step at time for now.
I recommend all participants to join our forum as soon as possible. Within there all your upcoming questions will be answered. We plan to let the tournament start in the middle of the next month. So you guys have at least around 3 weeks left to prepare yourselves.

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