The word "shrine" is used to describe any of the shrines, pools, fountains, or cauldrons found throughout the dungeons. Like anything that can be used in the dungeons, a shrine will have a yellow outline around it when the mouse cursor is over the shrine. Shrines are found on levels 1-8, cauldrons on levels 13-16, fountains and pools on levels 1-8 and 13-16, and goat shrines on levels 9-12.


Shrines can only be used by one player, and like chests after they are opened, they can not be used afterwards, and mousing over the shrine will no longer show information in the message area or outline the shrine. There are some shrine-like dungeon features, though, that remain active use after use: the Purifying Spring and the Pool of Blood. Level layouts change from game to game, and so it might seem that the wide range of shrine names might connect to random effects, changing their meaning from game to game, or maybe having no connection to the effect that the shrine bestows. Fortunately, once you find that one Eldrich shrine will change all your healing and mana potions into Rejuvenation potions, you will know that every other Eldritch shrine you encounter will do the same thing. Hence, if you encounter a Glimmering Shrine, you might want to wait until you accumulate a large number of magic items before using it.


Like the layout of the dungeon levels encountered in a game, though, the shrines will appear in different locations, and the types of shrines encountered on one level will change from game to game. The specific effect of a shrine might vary, however. Each Enchanted Shrine, for example, will decrease the spell level of a different random spell each time it is encountered and used.


Shrine rooms on levels 1-8 are usually crowded with creatures of one particular type.






Abandoned Shrine

"The hands of men may be guided by fate"

+2 dexterity.

Creepy Shrine

"Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith"

+2 strength.

Cryptic Shrine

"Arcane power brings destruction"

Casts a Nova spell and restores mana5.

Divine Shrine

"Drink and be refreshed"

Restores health and mana. On dlvl 1-3 it gives 1 Potion of Full Mana and 1 Potion of Full Life. On others it gives 2 Potions of Full Rejuvenation.

Eerie Shrine

"Knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self"

+2 magic.

Eldritch Shrine

"Crimson and Azure become as the sun"

All potions become rejuvenation potions.

Enchanted Shrine1

"Magic is not always what it seems to be"

Lose 1 slvl for one spell (2 if it is at level 15). All other known spells gain 1 slvl.

Fascinating Shrine

"Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom"

Lose 10% of base mana and increases Firebolt 2 slvl.

Glimmering Shrine

"Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason"

Identifies all items in your inventory.

Gloomy Shrine2,3

"Those who defend seldom attack"

+2 AC to all armor and -1 max damage to all weapons.

Hidden Shrine

"New strength is forged through destruction"

-10 durability to one item equipped. +10 durability to all others equipped (never destroys an item).

Holy Shrine

"Wherever you go, there you are"

Casts a Phasing spell5.

Magical Shrine

"While the spirit is vigilant the body thrives"

Casts a Mana Shield spell5.

Mysterious Shrine

"Some are weakened as one grows strong"

+5 to one attribute, -1 to all others.

Ornate Shrine

"Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom"

Lose 10% of base mana and increases Holy Bolt 2 slvl.

Quiet Shrine

"The essence of life flows from within"

+2 vitality.

Religious Shrine

"Time cannot diminish the power of steel"

Restores all items to full durability.

Sacred Shrine

"Energy comes at the cost of wisdom"

Lose 10% of base mana and increases Charged Bolt 2 slvl.

Secluded Shrine

"The way is made clear when viewed from above"

Gives complete map of current level.

Spiritual Shrine

"Riches abound when least expected"

Gives a small amount of gold to each empty slot in your inventory.

Spooky Shrine4

"Where avarice fails, patience gains reward" (user),
"Blessed by a benevolent companion!"

All other players get life and mana restored.

Stone Shrine

"The powers of mana refocused renews"

Restores charges in all staves.


"Those who are last may yet be first" (user),
"Generosity brings its own reward" (others)

Does not affect user but other players get +1 to one attribute and -1 to all other attributes.

Thaumaturgic Shrine3,5

"What once was opened now is closed"

Refills chests on current level.

Weird Shrine2,3

"The sword of justice is swift and sharp"

+1 max damage to all weapons in inventory.

1Enchanted shrines will never appear in Caves or Hell, not even as a Cauldron or Goat Shrine.
2Effect only lasts for current game.
3Only available in single player.
4Only available in multi player.
5All spells cast from a shrine will have an slvl of 2 in church, 4 in catacombs, 6 in caves and 8 in hell.








Blood Fountain1

[No message]

Restores 1 life each time it is used.


[Message related to the effect]

Random effect (of true Shrines only)2.

Fountain of Tears1

[No message]

+1 to one attribute, -1 to another attribute

Goat Shrine

[Message related to the effect]

Random effect (of true Shrines only)2.

Murky Pool1

[No message]

Casts an Infravision spell3.

Purifying Spring1

[No message]

Restores 1 mana each time it is used.

1There will never be more than one of this type on any dungeon level.
2Thaumaturgic Shrine will never appear as a Cauldron or Goat Shrine.
3All spells cast from a shrine will have an slvl of 2 in church, 4 in catacombs, 6 in caves and 8 in hell.


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