The is populated by eight villagers. Evidently, the crowds disappeared when Lazarus took most of the villagers adventuring, or were scared off shortly thereafter. The only remaining villagers are the retailers.


Griswold the Blacksmith

Griswold's forge is located in the centre of the village. It is the main place to buy and sell weapons and armor. He also can repair items for a reasonable price. Be aware t that non-magical items will be much cheaper to repair then magical ones. 

Line when you meet him:

Well, what can I do for ya?"
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Pepin the Healer

Pepin sells healing potions, rejuvenation potions, scrolls of resurrection and related paraphernalia in his shop on the west side of the town square. Furthermore he will heal you to full strength for no charge.

Line when you meet him:

"What ails you my friend?"

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Cain the Elder

Cain stands by the town's fountain and advises you about the hidden capabilities of unidentified magical items. If you don't have enough identify scrolls with you, then he is the person to see. He will charge 100 gold for every single item you show him for identification.

Line when you meet him:

"Hello my friend, stay a while and listen"
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Adria the Which

Adria is situated southeast, across the stream. She is the only one to obtain mana potions from. She also offers magical items for sale - potions, scrolls, books, & staffs and has the ability to recharge your staffs for a fair price. If you have a staff or a book to sell, she will be the only one to offer you any gold for it.

Line when you meet her:

"I sense a soul in search of answers"
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Wirt the Peg-Legged Boy

Wirt can be found beneath a tree in the . He can sell you the most valuable items in the whole game, but this is a very rare occasion and his prices are exorbitant. Another problem is that he will charge you 50 gold pieces just to have a look on the single item he is offering.

Line when you meet him:

"Psst...over here"

(click to listen to the original soundfile)

Gillian the Barmaid

Gillian works at 's tavern and has a small house just behind it. This is where you will find her and where you can go either for some history on what happened to Tristram, or advice on how to survive down below town.

Line when you meet her:

"Good day, how may I serve you?"
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Ogden the Tavern Owner

Ogden can only offer advice and a warm place to rest at his tavern. He is usually a great source of information when you are questing and is the key to continuing many of the quests. As a multiplayer character, he only offers advice on what expect when heading down below town, but sometimes that advice can and does make a difference if you follow it. Listen to his stories for clues on where to go if you are stuck.

Line when you meet him:

"Greetings good master, welcome to the Tavern of the Rising Sun"
(click to listen to the original soundfile)

Farnham the Drunk

Farnham hides on the far western side of town drinking his life away. Though he is incomprehensible most of the time he has seen much and can provide useful information and witty anecdotes about the other townsfolk.

Line when you meet him:

"Can't a fella drink in peace?"
(click to listen to the original soundfile)


In both the solo and multi-player games, quests are often started by talking to particular villagers. The mortally wounded townsman lying just outside of the church is a good example of a conversation that starts a quest (although he dies immediately there after and then disappears when the Butcher is killed). Although quests aren't as important in multi-player games as in the solo game, the quests do differ a bit and can be entertaining. Hence, you might want to chat with your neighbours on occasion. When a villager has a quest, merely walking up to them and starting the conversation will get the quest rolling, so there is no need to chat with a villager unless you really want to see what they say about a particular quest, or just in general.

Although often chatty, their gossip sometimes contain nuggets of useful playing hints. Farnham, the drunkard, is the most uninformed villager of the lot, but he is by far the most entertaining. The remaining villagers can provide useful game information, specifically pertaining to any current quests, even if they are not initiating a quest for you.



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